Negotiations Update

A fair amount of time today was also spent on reviewing charts we requested from MassDOT showing wage growth for all of our members over the three years of a new agreement. We did not have time to complete this important review and will continue to analyze it between now and our next meeting. We want to ensure that any settlement on wages that we reach maximizes increases for all members. At this point we believe we are close to agreement on the compensation for our members, subject to verification from our chart review, but we continue to strive for more of our members to escape from red circling. An end to red circling is long overdue and we are doing all we can to see that happen.

Your ongoing support is critical to our success at the bargaining table. Thank you for that support and for your patience as we continue our fight for the best possible contract. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 30th and we will provide a further update promptly following that meeting.

United We Stand

George McGilloway
Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Executive Officer

Danny Sullivan