NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Dear fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

Local 127 leadership met once again today with MassDOT to continue efforts to conclude negotiations for a successor contract in Unit B. We made some nice progress on economics and language issues, but still have a couple of issues that need further negotiation. They include relief for members who are now in their tenth year of red-circled status for whom with MassDOT stubbornly refuses to provide appropriate relief. The remaining issues also include protection for senior employees who do not want to be involuntarily assigned to alternate work schedules, and protection against the use by MassDOT of temporary employees to the disadvantage of permanent employees.


We are meeting again on December 6, 2019 and are committed to pushing forward to an overall agreement at that time with the best possible wages and job protections that we can achieve.


Thank you for your continued patience and support as we come down to the wire. We know that everyone is anxious for us to reach agreement. Although we also want to get an agreement as soon as possible, it is more important to get it done right than to get it done fast. Your continued support is critical to getting it done right!


Fraternally yours,
George McGilloway Secretary Treasurer/ Principal Officer
Teamsters Local 127
Danny Sullivan
Teamsters Local 127