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Union Election

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The local held its election for officers on 10/19/21 which took place at the Auburn Elks.
The meeting was open to all who attended for any candidate(s) who so desired to run for office. 
The results of the election were that the current slate will continue to serve as your representatives for the next three years.
We want to thank the hard working members of Local 127 during these tumultuous times and will continue to fight on your behalf.
George McGilloway 
Secretary/ Principal Officer 


Urgent News

The Teamsters and all unions had a meeting today with DOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver and he stated that DOT is going to use outside contractors to fill your jobs If you do not get vaccinated and self ascertain  by October 17.2021.

Jonathan also stated he did not want to do that and stressed how important that everybody be vaccinated and completed by October 17.2021.

Teamsters Local 127 is still at the bargaining table over this illegal mandate. Our attorney put them on notice that it is against the law to mandate a policy without first bargaining. DOT still unlawfully set an illegal mandate regardless of their obligation.

Please, if you need your job get vaccinated.

In Solidarity,
Brother George

Pay Inequities

Very Important!
Dear brothers and Sisters,
Please contact the Local 127 Union Hall If you are a supervisor and/or boss that is making less compensation than your subordinates.  As you may know, the DOT hired MEO's one and two's that are making more than some of the Teamsters already on the job.  Please contact this office immediately to discuss.
In Solidarity,

George E. McGilloway
Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Executive Officer
Teamsters Local 127

COVID vaccine mandate - legal update

Memorandum and Order on Plaintiff's Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have received the following letter from our lawyer, Al Gordon:

As you know, we are still at the bargaining table with MassDOT on the COVID mandate and are still arguing to get the arbitrary October 17 deadline pushed off while we try to urge the Department to agree to a testing alternative or some other alternative for those members who choose not to vaccinate.  As you also know, the larger state-wide unions have a head start on their bargaining and thus also have a head start on legal proceedings both at the DLR and in the Courts.
The one Union furthest out ahead is the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM), which has already filed charges at the DLR and filed for an injunction in the Superior Court.  I reviewed their filings, spoke with their counsel, and attended the Court hearings on Wednesday morning.  SPAM’s attorney argued the case forcefully and intelligently, but despite his strong efforts, the Court issued its ruling late yesterday (attached) denying SPAM’s request for an injunction.  While the Court didn’t accept the Commonwealth’s argument that the Court lacked jurisdiction, the Court ruled that SPAM failed to show irreparable harm and also that the granting of the injunction would be against the public interest.


General Membership Meeting to be held at the Auburn Elks Lodge
754 Southbridge St.
Auburn Ma, 01501

On October,19.2021 At 5:00 pm

At this meeting: Nominations for officers

In Solidarity,
Brother George

Notification of Nomination and Election

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