Red-circled Unit B and C members

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please note this communication sent from our attorney:

Dear Olinda:

Per my message this afternoon, I need to speak with you at your very earliest opportunity regarding certain Unit B and C members — particularly the custodial staff — whom the Department has treated as “red-circled” and thus has failed to provide any retro pay or wage increases under our most recent contract.  As you know, the subject of red-circled employees was never discussed at the bargaining table, so it comes as a surprise that anyone covered by the MOAs has not received the agreed-upon wage increases.  The problem is exponentially greater now inasmuch as the Department has just seen fit to give an additional 10 percent wage increase (for a total of almost 17% over the life of the CBA) to the highest paid and mostly white male workforce of Unit E, while continuing to give absolutely nothing to the mostly female and BIPOC members at the lowest end of the pay spectrum.

At this juncture, the Union respectfully requests that the Department provide the following information:

1.   A list of all Unit B and C employees whom the Department contends are red-circled and thus unable to receive any or all of the agreed upon retro pay and wage increases.

2.   A copy of any agreement between the parties or any law, rule, regulation or policy that the Department relied on to determine that any Unit B or C employees are red-circled at this juncture.

I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you as soon as possible without regard to the time it may take to respond to the Union’s information request.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this exceedingly important matter.


 Attorney for Teamsters Local 127

    Teamsters were informed that Covid hazard pay is on its way: second pay period in July.

    Teamsters are still in talks about the pay disparity issues whereas new hires came in at top step for life experience that was not afforded to all our members.

My promise to you all: I will fight with VIGOR all the way to arbitration and or District Court.

George E. McGilloway
Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Executive Officer
Teamsters Local 127