Union Update


Dear Brother and Sisters,

We have been fielding many calls about DOT's new hires and the fact that these new employees are coming in at a higher rate of pay.

Local 127 and our attorney put DOT on notice that our contract states new hires start at the lowest rate and grade.  DOT said they would look into it and get back to the Local. Teamsters will file all appropriate charges and/or grievances to make any affected members whole.

House Bill 2808 and Senate Bill 1669 came before legislature committee July,21.2021.  There is a long recording of their session on Mass.Gov,

Basically they will hear the evidence and reasoning for this benefit and any opposition to it The committee will review and forward to the House and Senate.


Teamsters Local 127 and DOT had our third C.B.A. session on Aug,03.2021. Both sides agreed to expedite these discussions. This Local does not deal with rumors and conjecture. I've heard about what other unions may or may not be getting for percentages. When the Teamsters have a bona fide offer worthy of all you front line
workers, we will forward to you for ratification

Thank you for all you do

In Solidarity,

George E. McGilloway
Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Executive Officer
Teamsters Local 127