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DECEMBER 6, 2019



We are pleased to announce that negotiations today with MassDOT for a new Unit B contract were very positive. We hope to have definitive news for our members next week, perhaps as early as Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, we have not scheduled any further meetings.


Keep the faith, and we will be in touch very soon.



Respectively Submitted,



George McGilloway, Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Executive Officer

Daniel Sullivan, President




NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Dear fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

Local 127 leadership met once again today with MassDOT to continue efforts to conclude negotiations for a successor contract in Unit B. We made some nice progress on economics and language issues, but still have a couple of issues that need further negotiation. They include relief for members who are now in their tenth year of red-circled status for whom with MassDOT stubbornly refuses to provide appropriate relief. The remaining issues also include protection for senior employees who do not want to be involuntarily assigned to alternate work schedules, and protection against the use by MassDOT of temporary employees to the disadvantage of permanent employees.


We are meeting again on December 6, 2019 and are committed to pushing forward to an overall agreement at that time with the best possible wages and job protections that we can achieve.


Thank you for your continued patience and support as we come down to the wire. We know that everyone is anxious for us to reach agreement. Although we also want to get an agreement as soon as possible, it is more important to get it done right than to get it done fast. Your continued support is critical to getting it done right!


Fraternally yours,
George McGilloway Secretary Treasurer/ Principal Officer
Teamsters Local 127
Danny Sullivan
Teamsters Local 127

Negotiations Update


 OCTOBER 31, 2019   
 Dear Union Brothers ad Sisters,
Teamsters Local 127, the lead union in the negotiations for a new Unit B contract, met again with MassDOT yesterday to continue those negotiations.  Although progress continued to be made on several proposals, the majority of this several hour meeting was spent carefully reviewing and adjusting seniority lists provided for the first time by MassDOT for all Unit B employees.  It is imperative that Unit B seniority is accurate and that is why so much time was spent on it.  We will continue to review the lists provided and will be ready to provide corrections at our next meeting.  We have scheduled two additional meetings; the first is scheduled for  November 19th and the second, if needed, is scheduled for December 6, 2019.
Prior to the negotiations, Local 127 leadership learned of rumors circulating that a settlement would be reached yesterday.  Although we are prepared to reach agreement as soon as possible, we are not going to predict success prior to any of our negotiations meetings.  That is because we cannot predict in advance of any meeting what important proposals we have given MassDOT to protect our members will be accepted.  So please do not rely on rumors.  We are confident that we will get this round of negotiations completed soon, but the merits of any settlement are far more important than its timing.
We are making progress.   MassDOT would be very happy if we panicked and signed off on an agreement that we do not fully support.  We will not do that.  Please support us by your continuing patience so that we can get you the very best settlement possible.
George McGilloway, Secretary-Treasurer/ Principal Executive Officer Local 127
Danny Sullivan    President Local 127
October 31, 2019

Negotiations Update

Teamsters Local 127 leadership met again today along with its partner unions in Unit B for further negotiations with MassDOT. We continued to narrow the differences with MassDOT over a new contract, but have not yet reached an agreement that we can recommend to our members.

The single most important difference remaining between MassDOT and Teamsters leadership is that of changes to the work schedules of our members. MassDOT continues to seek the right to force members into schedules in which they would be working both weekend days as a part of their regular schedules, and at straight time rates. MassDOT also wants the right to force members to regularly work three 13.3 hours days and/or four 10 hour days, often including weekend schedules, a consequence of which may be harmful to the work and family lives of many of our members. We continue to seek reliance on volunteers and employees hired after this contract is settled in place of involuntary assignments of our members to them.

Officers of Local 127

George E. McGilloway Secretary-Treasurer
Daniel Sullivan President
Daniel Lawlor Vice-President
David Pierce Recording Secretary
David Hickson Trustee
Frank Smerlas Trustee
Timothy Johnson Trustee


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