Contract Updates

Contract Update

Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

As promised, this is an update regarding our last contract meeting on September 18.

During the negotiations, we gave management a comprehensive proposal in which the Union sought further wage improvements for both red - circled and non - red circled members. We also proposed modifications to management’s proposals for the right to employ temporary employees and to require new work shifts consisting of either or both 4 ten hour work weeks and/or  3 - 13.34 hour work weeks, without guarantees of weekends off. In each case, we sought limitations to protect our members from loses of overtime and protection for our members who are unable to work the new proposed schedules. MassDot did not give us a formal response to our proposals, but did indicate that they were unhappy that the Union did not accept their last proposal without change. We advised MassDot that the Union cannot accept those proposals as written because they do not provide adequate compensation for our members and would subject the membership to arbitrary losses of overtime and hardship for our members who would struggle or would be unable to work the new shifts MassDot is proposing. The Union expects and deserves a good faith response from MassDot on our counterproposals at our next meeting on October 3rd.

In the meantime, feel free to send an to email Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack at <> and tell her that “ It has been 10 years since the merger of the MassPike; the time has come and long overdue for MassDot to finally provide a fair contract to former MassPike employees and to new workers who are employed in their same job titles”.   “Fair Contract Now!”

George McGilloway

Principal Officer/Secretary Treasurer

Danny Sullivan



Contract Update

Dear Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

As of our last meeting on July 24, Teamsters Local 127 strongly asserted our position on the current contract proposals set forth by MassDot that we deem unjust and unfair for our members.
Local 127 Secretary Treasurer George McGilloway attended the MassDot Board of Directors meeting and apprised them of the negotiations between The Union and MassDot and the unfairly treatment, ignorance, and lack of respect the Teamsters have been receiving. The Board of Directors were let known that the MassDot has handed out raises to some NAGE members as much as 25% while members of Local 127 remained “Red Circled”. Furthermore, MassDot has not given the Local a correct Phase lll spread sheet in over seven years resulting in every spreadsheet presented to us has inaccurate and misleading data on the number of Red Circled members.
In addition, Local 127 has not come to terms with regards to: 1) a compressed work week schedule for our members 2) temporary employees and 3) new classification titles for our members.
Our next contract meeting with the DOT is set for August 15 and the The Local will continue to fight for a fair and equitable contract for our hard working men and women of Local 127.
Secretary Treasurer,
George McGilloway 

Local 127

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