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Support Hazard Pay for Essential Public Sector Workers

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This pandemic has laid bare how intertwined public health and the economy are – and how absolutely vital working people are to keeping every family safe, secure, healthy and fed. There are currently tens of thousands of essential workers in Massachusetts reporting to the job outside of their homes, putting their health and the health of their families on the line each day. These essential workers we all depend on are on the front lines of exposure to this virus, in too many cases without the adequate personal protective equipment they so desperately need, and many are still struggling to pay their bills. These brave essential workers deserve hazard pay.

Please ask your State Representative and State Senator to support H.4631, “An Act Relative State Employees Performing Core Functions”, filed by Rep. Tackey Chan (member of SAG-AFTRA).   This bill would provide time and a half pay or one half comp day for every day that a Massachusetts public employee was required to report to a work location outside of their home throughout the duration of the state emergency.



Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Thank you to all you members on the front line, and thank you for your professionalism.  These are trying times, and you showed the DOT that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
At the beginning the DOT was not prepared with the PPE's and the Teamsters pushed forward to acquire them at all locations; also we gained furloughs for most - not all - members and we are still at the table as I write.
There has been questions about some type of hazard pay and we are looking in to that, because it's well deserved.
And FYI Pennsylvania DOT last week laid off and froze the pay of 5200 state workers.
Let's all begin the day with a grateful heart.
United we stand Divided we beg
Be safe
George E. McGilloway
Secretary-Treasurer/ Principal Executive officer

Union Meetings Postponed

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, union meetings have been postponed until further notice.

Officers of Local 127

George E. McGilloway Secretary-Treasurer
Daniel Sullivan President
Daniel Lawlor Vice-President
David Pierce Recording Secretary
David Hickson Trustee
Frank Smerlas Trustee
Timothy Johnson Trustee


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